The driving force of our organization is encapsulated in the meaning of our name – Ginomai. It is a dynamic Greek word used in the New Testament that means:

We have a passion and calling for the healing and restoration of every person in body, soul and spirit. Every person is created and filled with God-given potential. That is why you have the ability to “arise? and live a fulfilled and creative life. Every relationship you are in have the potential to become a wonderful and fulfilling experience. Our message of restoration and transformation will enable you to manifest your God-given destiny.

You have been blessed by God with the power to transform your life and become successful. That’s why we are here…we want to INSPIRE, EMPOWER, and GUIDE you towards fulfilling your dream of living a transformed life of destiny and meaning.

We present our message in various formats including audios, manuals, blogs and newsletters, books, seminars and trainings designed for one purpose only – to help you fulfill the dream you have for your life…to help you “arise? and transform into that person God intended you to be. Many of the podcasts and articles are free and available on this site. Please enjoy it.

Your partners in restoration and transformation,
Dr. Henry and Dr. Catharina Venter


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